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Conditions of Participation in AFF Courses

Required Documents (at the beginning of the course)

  1. Medical certificate (not older than 365 days) from your family doctor or sports physician: "eligible to skydive".
    We will send you a blank form! 
  2. Persons under 18 years of age will need to present a legally attested declaration of consent from all legal guardians. 
  3. Personal Identity Card / Passport
  4. 3 Passport Photographs (Trial Cours: 1 Passport Photograph)
  5. Proof of completion of a first aid course, or presentation of a driver's license, issued after 1972 (not necessary for trial course jumps). 

Conditions of Participation

  1. The sign up has to be done in written form. With your signup, you agree with the Terms and Conditions of Participation. After signing up and making the initial payment of € 345, you will receive a signup confirmation with the forms needed for your medical eligibility certificate. You will need to present this filled out certificate at the beginning of the course. We recommend always signing up at least 3 weeks before the beginning of a course, because we can only allow a limited amount of participants.
  2. The remaining costs for your skydiving training will need to be paid at the beginning of the course. If you do not show up after signup, we will require a cancellation fee of € 345 for each booked course. Otherwise, point 4 will apply.
  3. The skydiving training is done in accordance with the Federal Minister of Transportation, for the education and examination of aviation personnel. The skydiving club is thus required to exclude any course participants, who endanger their own and other's safety. A reclamation and return of paid fees will not be valid.
  4. If a student does not start a course, or takes a break during the course, he is entitled to continue the course within one year of the original start date of his course. 
  5. If a course participant cannot start or complete a course for reasons that have nothing to do with the skydiving club, the participant will have no right for compensation for loss suffered. The participant will be able to continue the course as defined in point 4. 
  6. If the student is injured due to not following the instructions of his teacher, and is thus unable to continue the course, he will have no right for a refund of the course fee. Point 4 applies.
  7. In the case of deliberate or careless damage of education equipment, the causer will be held legally responsable for the damage. 
  8. The course participant renounces all claims towards the skydiving club, that could result from the participation in a course. An exception to this is, if the damage results from deliberation or careless negligence from members of the skydiving club.
  9. While you skydive with us, you will be insured for third party liability through our own skydiving liability insurance. In case of injury your legal health insurance will take effect. If you have a private health insurance, or a life or capital insurance, you should check with your insurance, if and under which conditions, aviation sports activities are included. 
  10. Minimum age and weight: the minimum age for course participants is 14 years at course begin (the license will be issued at 16 years of age). The maximum body weight for participants is 105 kg including clothes. Body weight and height should be in a coherent proportion to one another. 
  11. All necessary documents must be presented at the beginning of the course. You should bring tight fitting leather shoes (without hooks and with a flat sole) and comfortable clothing. It is possible to stay overnight at our dropzone. Please do not hesitate to contact us with further questions: +499173794771.

Further Conditions and Hints 

  1. The Basic Course includes the admission fee for the skydiving club (€ 200), the membership for the ongoing calendar year, (€ 145/125), the theory lessons and the course jumps level 1 to level 3. 
  2. The Advanced Course includes the course jumps level 4 to level 7, and rental gear. The Advanced Course must be started within 30 days of finishing the Basic Course level 3 jump. 
  3. The Complete Course includes the Basic Course and the Advanced Course. 
  4. The AFF Trial Course includes the theory course and the course jump level 1. If the Complete Course is booked within 30 days, the AFF Trial Course will be included and charged with € 249.
  5. The course fees are always due at the beginning of a course.
  6. Not included in the course fee are: goggles, gloves, textbooks, license fees, AFF re-jumps, as well as jump tickets and gear rental fees for jumps after the AFF license up until completing the skydiving license. 
  7. Due to unforeseen weather conditions, we recommend that you plan to take two weeks for the Complete Course, and one week for the Basic Course. Our jumping times and opening hours can be found on our website.  
  8. All training jumps will be recorded with a digital camera. This serves the sole purpose of debriefing jumps, and preparing you for the next jump. The video recordings are NOT in the course fee. 
  9. If the tasks on a level jump are not fulfilled, and the goals are not reached, you will need to pay € 200 for a level 1 to level 3 re-jump, and € 140 for a level 4 to level 7 re-jump. 

After finishing your AFF training, you know how to jump out of a plane, and safely open your parachute. However, you will still be in student status and jump according to jump assignments. 

On your way to the license, you will complete 3 low altitude jumps and at least 5 2-way formation and/or freefly jumps. For these jumps you will need to pay additional fees.

After successfully completing your training and doing at least 23 training jumps (including AFF jumps), you are entitled to take your theoretical and practical exams. The preparation and exam dates are not part of the skydiving course. 

More about License & Exams

Severability Clause

Should one or more terms of this contracts be completely or partially ineffective, the effectiveness of the other terms is not affected. A rule similar in form and content that fulfills the same purpuse of the previous term, will retroactively replace the ineffective term.

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