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Your Tandem Jump Step by Step

Gear Up and Boarding

After your call there will be enough time to choose your jumpsuit and put it on. This is the point where you will also get to know your tandem master. He will repeat the most important points of your briefing with you. 

You will receive your tandem harness, goggles, a hat, and if required, gloves. From your own clothing only your shoes remain visible, so it is recommended to bring closed and comfortable shoes without hooks or grommets.

Dressed and ready to go, there will be time for a picture together, and then off you go to board the plane. From this moment on, you should always stay close to your tandem master.

Exit — the beginning of your Tandem Jump

From the cockpit you will hear the command: "two minutes". This reminds the jumpers to get ready. Everyone will put on their goggles, helmets and gloves, and check all of their equipment again. This is also the point where you will be connected to your tandem master. 

Now the pilot will slow down so much, that you can hear the speed difference. With a big smile on his face, the pilot will call the word "exit" through the plane. Usually, people jump out in groups, using many different ways of exiting. Watch them!

Once that it is your turn, you will crawl towards the door. You will place your feet on the step, with your arms close to your chest and your head tilted upwards. Take a deep breath and: JUMP!

Flying the Parachute

At about 1,500m above ground level (AGL) your tandem master will open the parachute. The opening takes only a few seconds. 

After the fast freefall, the canopy ride will feel very calm and almost weightless. Usually, you will be allowed to fly the parachute yourself for awhile.

The canopy ride back down to earth will take 5 to 7 minutes.


Everyone can claim to have jumped out of a plain - but you can prove it! Your certificate will be waiting for you at the manifest.

In case your tandem master jumped with a handycam, you can watch a preview Video of your tandem jump already now.

DFV - Deutscher Fallschirmsport Verband e.V.U.S. Parachute Association | Foreign Affiliate
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