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Where can I find the dropzone in Waizenhofen?

Depending on the direction of travel on the A9, please take the exits Greding or Hilpoltstein and follow the road signs towards Thalmaessing.

Please note when arriving from Greding: After about 4km, directly after the bridge over the motorway, there is a sign for the "airfield". This is the Greding Airfield. Please DO NOT follow the sign and DO NOT turn off.

Drive through Thalmaessing (roughly direction Eichstaett). The next place to Thalmaessing is Waizenhofen. (About 6km) Drive through Waizenhofen. After the sign for the town (about 200m) follow the gravel road to the airport.

Note for the NAVI:
Waizenhofen 40 is NOT found by the navigation devices, or it will take you to Greding Schutzendorf.
Look for Thalmaessing / Waizenhofen 1 and follow the sign "Flugplatz" to the airfield.

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