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Restaurant Recommendations around the Dropzone

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Ruppmansburger Hof

Distance to the Dropzone: 2 km

German Kitchen, Snacks
Closed on Mondays and Thursdays

Phone: +499173374

Ingrid & Norbert Krotter
Ruppmannsburg 12
91177 Thalmässing

Landgasthaus Leithner

Distance to the Dropzone: 2 km

Franconian Kitchen, Snacks
Closed on Wednesdays

Phone: +499173376

Reichersdorf 13
91177 Thalmässing

Thalmässinger Landgasthof

Distance to the Dropzone: 4 km

Phone +499173833

Geschäftsführer: Willi Lesch
Bahnhofstraße 11
91177 Thalmässing

Landgasthof Weglehner

Distance to the Dropzone: 2 km

Franconian Kitchen, Snacks, homemade wood stove bread, in-house butcher's shop
Closed on Tuesdays 

Phone: +499173226

Landersdorf 5
91177 Thalmässing

Gasthaus "Zum Löwen" — Gerberwirt

Distance to the Dropzone: 2 km

Warm Meals, Snacks
Closed on Wednesday Afternoons

Phone: +499173509

Peter Dorner
Marktplatz 9
91177 Thalmässing

Gasthaus "Zur Krone"

Distance to the Dropzone: 4km

Franconian Kitchen, Snacks

Phone: +4991739791

Helmut Weglehner
Marktplatz 3
91177 Thalmässing

Gasthaus "Zur Linde" Pizzeria

Distance to the Dropzone: 4 km

German and Italian Kitchen

Phone: +499173794211

Sonja Hirschberger
Marktplatz 15
91177 Thalmässing


Thalmässinger Kebab-Haus "Antalya"

Distance to the Dropzone: 4 km

Turkish and International Kitchen
Open everyday, will also deliver to the airport.

Phone: +4991737939995

GbR Bekem Memet und Bekem Mavis
Hauptstr. 11
91177 Thalmässing

Gasthaus zum Hirschen

Distance to the Dropzone: 5 km

Phone: +498423256

Familie Medl
Lindenstraße 9
85135 Titting/Großnottersdorf

Accomodation possible

Gasthof Winkler

Distance to the Dropzone: 9 km

Phone: +499173660

Gasthof Winkler GmbH
Alfershausen 187
91177 Thalmässing

Accommodation possible

Hotel Dirsch

Distance to the Dropzone: 12 km

4 stars hotel with restaurant and beer garden
Our head chef is looking forward to pamper you with culinary delicacies


Hotel Dirsch
Hauptstrasse 13
85135 Emsing

Accommodation possible

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