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The gear for skydiving

Fallschirmspringer mit Gurtzeug

special case "tandem"

Of course, the passenger harness in the tandem system consists of the same, extremely durable material. It is adjusted to the tandem passenger with several adjustable straps and then firmly anchored to the tandem master before exiting to jump with four hooks — each of which can withstand up to two tons of weight.

Shortly after the exit to the tandem jump, the tandem master uses the so-called "Drogue", a very small parachute, which slows down the freefall of the tandem to "normal" free fall speed of about 200 km per hour. This is on the one hand more pleasant and on the other hand otherwise an accompanying photo & video jumper would have no chance to keep up.

Fallschirmkappe mit Slider bei der Öffnung

The canopy and the reserve

The canopy is always machting the weight and skill of the jumper. Tandem parachutes are designed to be particularly large for maximum safety and gentle gliding and landing.

As an alternative, the reserve, which is generally at least equal in size, is always available. In contrast to the main canopy packed by the jumper itself, it is only packed by a parachute technician in a special way to guarantee maximum opening safety.

Both canopies are made of a special "rip-stop" fabric that prevents further tearing of the parachute even in the event of damage at one point.


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