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Time to Start Flying

For the free fall program, you will need to complet seven "AFF levels" from 4000m altitude. After each and every jump  there will be will be a Video Analysis together with your instructors. During the first three levels, you will be accompanied by two certified AFF skydiving instructors. They will only let you go (for a few seconds), if you are flying stable.

During your first jump from 4000m altitude, your task will be to get familiar with free fall. Usually, you will be asked to open your parachute yourself at 1500m altitude. However, both of your instructors are able to open it for you, if you experience any problems.

Once you will be under canopy, you will already hear one of our instructors talking to you on the radio built into your helmet. He will help you with getting safely down to the landing area. 

Fallschirmausbildung mit Flugzeug im Hintergrund

"Free Solo" Skydiver

After finishing your level 7, you will be ready for your first solo jump. Instructed by our teachers, in the following jumps you will learn everything you need to know, to complete your theoretical and practical license exams after at least 23 jumps. The German skydiving license is internationally recognized and has no expiry date. 

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