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Terms and Conditions for Tandem Jumping

  1. The minimum age is 10. All parents or legal guardians need to be present and provide consent in form of a signature.
  2. The minimum height is 1,40m.
  3. The maximum body weight for a tandem jump is 90kg, including clothing. For an additional fee, we will make exceptions for up to 100kg.
  4. The body weight should be proportional to the height of the passenger. He or she should not be massively overweight and should be able to move around normally.
  5. The passenger should be in good physical and mental shape. He or she should not be asthmatic, have no acute spinal injuries, diabetes, heart conditions or other similar issues.

Generally, it is possible for paralyzed persons to make a tandem jump. Please call +499173794771 to coordinate this in advance.

Please also have a look at our General Terms and Conditions.

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