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Video debriefing: an important part of your skydiving training

Even experienced skydivers find it hard to remember everything that happened on a skydive, for a good and thorough debrief afterwards. So how will a student be able to remember everything? And even if he does remember, how will he see and understand his mistakes? 

Our AFF teachers all jump with cameras attached to their helmets. This way, the whole skydive will be recorded. After the landing, the whole jump will be debriefed and analyzed frame by frame, together with the AFF instructor.

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The Skydiving Trial Course

You are really intrigued by the idea of skydiving, but you are not completely sure yet, if skydiving is your thing? No problem at all, that's what we have our trial course for. 

Within this course, you will participate in the ground school training and then do your first AFF Level 1 jump. After that, you can decide whether you would like to continue jumping or not. 

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Your Skydiving Course with skydive colibri

Our AFF-Instructors are looking forward to go jump with you. Later you will alwso be able to do your  License Exam directly here at skydive colibri. The German skydiving license is recognized worldwide, and has no expiry date..

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